Amazon Unhinged | Sean Carman

Amazon’s e-book pricing dispute with Hachette raises a myriad of fascinating issues. These include important questions, such as, "Should retailers be able to dictate suicidal business terms to their suppliers?" and "Now that Amazon is retaliating against Hachette by threatening authors’ livelihoods, how is it any different from a crime syndicate?"

via Amazon Unhinged | Sean Carman.

Citizen Bezos by Steve Coll | The New York Review of Books

In the mid-1990s, when Amazon emerged as an online bookseller, publishers welcomed the company as a “savior” that could provide an alternative to the stifling market power of that era’s dominant chain stores, Barnes & Noble and Borders. Book publishers with exceptional foresight may have understood that they “had to view Amazon as both an empowering retail partner and a dangerous competitor,” as Brad Stone puts it in The Everything Store, his deeply reported, fiercely independent-minded account of Amazon’s rise.

via Citizen Bezos by Steve Coll | The New York Review of Books.