Matthew Bourne Bites Into ‘Sleeping Beauty’ –

First shown in London this past December, "Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty: A Gothic Romance," now at City Center here, is a brisk staging that features sundry, savvy references to the ballet traditions established by Peter Tchaikovsky and Marius Petipa when their "Sleeping Beauty" was first shown in 1890 St. Petersburg. Mr. Bourne’s vivid update is a prime example of the imagination and originality that have marked the British-born choreographer’s "dance productions"—as he chooses to call them—since the first one in 1987.

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Virginia Andrews: Gothic Fiction Writer | Bell Night

Virginia Andrews

Cleo Virginia Andrews was born in Portsmouth Virginia on June 6th, 1923 and died of breast cancer December 19th, 1986. She was 63 years old. Virginia’s area of writing was mainly in Gothic romance and family sagas. The novel that she is most known for is Flowers in the Attic. Virginia was the youngest child of her family with two older brothers. Her mother Lillian Andrews was a telephone operator and her father William Andrews was a tool and die maker.

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